New Artists for 2019 Announced!

We are pleased to introduce Tsering Hannaford as the latest artist appointment for the 2019 Art Circle Residence. Tsering Hannaford is a realist painter based in Adelaide, South Australia.  

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Welcome Reception for ACR at Government House, Adelaide

A reception will be held at Government House, Adelaide, to Welcome Dr Anna Prinz, Ambassador, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, to introduce the Artists and Wineries partaking in the Art Circle Residence 2018.

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Just Announced!

Paul Grabowski will join Lior Grabowski for concerts in Germany in April 2019. Watch this space for further details of the upcoming events.

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Wolf Blass to host ACR Performance at new Museum in Handorf

Wolf Blass, the German who inspired winemaking in Australia, is opening a new wine museum in Hahndorf. The museum is not only dedicated to wine making but also shows the first small German school in Hahndorf. The Petticoat Girls will perform there 30. September at 5.30 p.m. and the painters will work at “the Lane” winery in Handorf.

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New Headline Artist in 2019

Battenberg, Germany

Lior and Paul Grabowski from Melbourne will perform in Battenberg Wine Estate on April 12th, 2019 followed by a concert at the Australian Embassy in Berlin (tbc).

Artists who participated in the 2018 events in Australia will work in Battenberg Castle between 7.-13. April 2019 and paint on barrel heads and canvas, ending with a vernissage on April 12th, 2019.

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Upcoming Events in 2019

Vižinada, Croatia.

Winery Marijan Arman with a tradition of more than 300 years will participate in a residency program in Vizinada. Participation by 2018 visual artists and one local artists, who want to join the circle for future projects.

A concert by Lior Grabowski at the winery and at stage in Vizinada in the context of an Istrian Cultural Festival will most likely take place last week of April 2019.

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