Admissions for ArtCircleResidence

Depending on financial resources each year, a minimum of 4 - 6 artists (artists and musicians) from Australia and Europe (from 3 or 4 different countries) will be invited to participate in a two weeks residency program at two different locations either in Europe or Australia. At each location they will meet with local artists at networking events, and a concert and vernissage will conclude the program at each location. Artists should participate in at least one project in Europe and one in Australia to contribute to connecting the cultural scene of both continents. Locations can be wineries who host the artists or concert venues.

Admission will be done after decision of the board of ArtCircleResidence Inc. (, in cooperation with advisors from the art/music scene and artists participating in the program.

ArtCircleResidence Advisors:

For Australia: Prof Andrew Schultz, Professor of music and head of the school of arts and media (UNSW) of New South Wales, Sydney.

For Germany: Dr Gabriele Minz, CEO of Young Euro Classic, Berlin, Germany.

For Europe: Dr Wolfgang Klein, President of Young Euro Connect, Berlin, Germany,