Our Purpose

ArtCircleResidence connects European and Australian artists through residencies, workshops and concerts held at wineries and heritage buildings in Australia and Europe.

“Art Circle Residence”, was founded in 2018 as an Australian not-for-profit body (association number A05948).

Over the course of a week (or two), groups of up to 4 artists work on location at our supporting wineries, to create artworks on a series of mediums including wine barrel heads, art labels and bottles etc. They paint on location, and present their works to the general public.

At each location, a networking event or workshop with local artists is organised. Artists are selected by the board of “ArtCircleResidence” with guidance from experienced Art Circle artists who have participated previously. Art Circle Residence is a new project organised by the German Embassy in Canberra together with Australian and European partners on a non-profit basis to connect artists and wine-growers. The goal is to connect artists and winemakers through a two weeks artist in residence programme where participants can exchange experience in arts, music and wine-making, aimed at strengthening historical connections between the two continents. 

In addition to the visual artists each year musicians from the countries cooperating are giving a concert at the winery or heritage building. Musicians are  chosen with guidance of a professional advisory team.

A detailed list of partner organizations and project partners can be found on our Partners page here

Please download our 2019 Information flyer here

Past Events – 2018

In 2018 four artists from Europe (Germany and Slovenia) came to Australia between 22.09.- 05.10.2018 to paint at wineries, give workshops and give concerts in Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, Hahndorf, Perth and Pemberton.

ArtCircleResidence 2018 was sponsored by the German Embassy Canberra, Honorary Consuls in Hobart, Adelaide and Perth, Young Euro Connect Berlin, arts Tasmania, arts SA. 

In addition outstanding wineries sponsored networking events and hosted artists. Lerida (Canberra), Stefano Lubiana (Hobart) , the „Haus“ and „the lane“ (Hahndorf).

Governors and  Government Houses in Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth hosted  concerts and receptions.

Hans Henkell, Melbourne and BMW Melbourne were main sponsors of the project.

Website and Branding was sponsored by Run Creative, Melbourne, Natalie and Rainer Trefz.

Current Events – 2019


A German winery with long tradition (Julian Schrout) in Battenberg, close to Frankfurt, will cooperate between 07 – 13.04.2019 to host artists who participate in this years program to connect to the German scene.

A renowned Croatian winery (Arman) in Vizinada, close to the Italian and Slovene border in Istria will be the host for artistic work and networking between 22 – 28.04.2019.


In addition to Etbin Tutta (Nova Goriza, Slovenia) and Veronika Krobs (Munich, Germany) who participated already in the 2018 program, in 2019 two Australian artists will join the group: Tsering Hanaford, a portrait painter from Adelaide (www.tseringhanaford.com.au) and a Petra Kleinherne (www.petrakleinherne.com) a painter from Melbourne.


Lior Attar and Paul Grabowsky from Melbourne will perform on 12.04.2019 in the wine-cellar in castle Battenberg and on 16.04.2019 at the Australian Embassy in Berlin.
There will also be two concerts by Lior Attar in Vizinada, Croatia at the Marijan Arman winery on 26.04.2019 and on 27.04.2019 the community center (šala) Vizinada, Istria.

For the full overview of our Events, please visit our Events Page here.

Becoming a Sponsor

You can still become a sponsor for 2019 events or individual artists via not for profit organisations:  ArtCircleResidence Inc. in Australia or young-euro-connect in Germany. Sponsors for 2019 will be mentioned on the website www.artcircleresidence.net and will be announced at each event and publication.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please get in touch with us through Contact page here.

Sponsorship arrangements for 2018:

Art Circle Residence 2018 travel cost to Australia were funded by the new "Art Circle grant programme“ in cooperation with the German Embassy Canberra. Participating Australian partners covered the cost for accomodation and various events in coordination with the German Embassy Canberra. Participating artists from Australia were selected in cooperation with cultural institutions in various states of Australia. Artists from Tasmania and South Australia were selected with the prospect to combine a residency programme 2019 with a visit to the Biennale in Venice and / or art fairs in Germany.